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The Emperor's New Groove

If you liked Aladdin, you'll love Disney's The Emperor's New Groove, where outrageous comedy rules! Audiences and critics alike raved about this hilarious animated adventure: Ebert & Roeper And The Movies gave it "Two Thumbs Up!" There's something for everyone in this "hip, funny movie" (Gannett News Service) with its dynamo cast, distinctive style and great muisc, featuring Grammy Award winner Sting and the Acadamy Award-nominated song, "My Funny Friend And Me" - all fully captured in state-of-the-art quality created directly from the digital source that ensured the best possible sound and picture!
Production Year2000
DVD release2001-05-01
Running Time77 minutes
Aspect Ratio1.66
GenresAnimation, Family, Comedy
AudioEnglish DD (Dolby Digital) 5.1 Surround
English DTS (Digital Theater Systems) 5.1 Surround
French DD (Dolby Digital) 5.1 Surround
Commentary DD (Dolby Digital) Stereo
ActorsDavid Spade as Kuzco/Kuzco Llama (voice)
John Goodman as Pacha (voice)
Eartha Kitt as Yzma (voice)
Patrick Warburton as Kronk (voice)
Wendie Malick as ChiCha (Pacha's wife) (voice)
Eli Linnetz as Tipo (voice)
Kellyann Kelso as Chaca (voice)
Bob Bergen as Bucky (voice)
Tom Jones as Theme Song Singer (voice)
Patti Deutsch as Waitress (voice)
John Fiedler as Old Man (voice)
Joe Whyte as Official (voice)
Stephen Anderson as Additional Voices (voice)
Rodger Bumpass as Additional Voices (voice)
Robert Clotworthy as Additional Voices (voice)
Jennifer Darling as Additional Voices (voice)
Miriam Flynn as Additional Voices (voice)
Geri Gorowski as Additional Voices (voice)
Jess Harnell as Additional Voices (voice)
Sherry Lynn as Additional Voices (voice)
Danny Mann as Additional Voices (voice)
Mickie McGowan as Additional Voices (voice)
D. Reynolds as Additional Voices (voice)
Andre Stojka as Additional Voices (voice)
Steve Susskind as Additional Voices (voice)