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Sean Connery ('The Rock') and Catherine Zeta-Jones ('The Mask of Zorro') blaze a trail of spectacular action in "the most enjoyable thriller of 1999!" (SRN Radio Network). When a priceless Rembrandt is stolen in New York, the evidence points to a solitary master thief (Connery), who is about to meet the insurance company's most cunning - and seductive - investigator (Zeta-Jones). Following a nerve-racking game of cat and mouse, the two join forces... or so it seems... to attempt a daring multibillion-dollar heist tied to the dawn of the new millennium.
Production Year1999
DVD release2000-04-04
Running Time113 minutes
Aspect Ratio2.35
GenresAction, Adventure, Suspense/Thriller
AudioEnglish DD (Dolby Digital) 5.1 Surround
English DD (Dolby Digital) Dolby Surround
French DD (Dolby Digital) Dolby Surround
Commentary DD (Dolby Digital) Dolby Surround
ActorsSean Connery as Mac
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Gin
Ving Rhames as Thibadeaux
Will Patton as Cruz
Maury Chaykin as Conrad Greene
Kevin McNally as Haas
Terry O'Neill as Quinn
Madhav Sharma as Security Chief
David Yip as Chief of Police
Tim Potter as Millennium Man
Eric Meyers as Waverly Technician
Aaron Swartz as Cruz's Man
William Marsh as Computer Technician
Tony Xu as Banker
Rolf Saxon as ICB Director
Tom Clarke-Hill as ICB Operator
David Howard as ICB Technician
Stuart Ong as Doctor
Ravin Ganatra as 1st Security Guard
Rhydian Jai-Persad as 2nd Security Guard
Hari Dhillon as 3rd Security Guard
Kee Chye as Trader #1 (uncredited)