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On one random day in the San Fernando Valley, a dying father, a young wife, a male caretaker, a famous lost son, a police officer in love, a boy genius, an ex-boy genius, a game show host and an estranged daughter will each become part of one story. Through coincidence, chance, human action, past history and divine intervention they will weave through each other's lives on a day that builds to an unforgettable climax.
Production Year1999
DVD release2000-10-06
Running Time181 minutes
Aspect Ratio2.35
GenresDrama, Comedy
AudioEnglish DD (Dolby Digital) 5.1 Surround
English DD (Dolby Digital) Dolby Surround
ActorsPat Healy as Sir Edmund William Godfrey/Young Pharmac
Genevieve Zweig as Mrs. Godfrey
Mark Flannagan as Joseph Green
Neil Flynn as Stanley Berry
Rod McLachlan as Daniel Hill
Allan Graf as Firefighter
Patton Oswalt as Delmer Darion
Raymond Gonzales as Reno Security Guard
Brad Hunt as Craig Hansen
Jim Meskimen as Forensic Scientist
Chris O'Hara as Sydney Barringer
Clement Blake as Arthur Barringer
Frank Elmore as 1958 Detective
John Seitz as 1958 Policeman
Cory Buck as Young Boy
Tom Cruise as Frank T.J. Mackey
Tim Sorenen as Infomercial Guy
Jim Ortlieb as Middle Aged Guy
Melora Walters as Claudia Wilson Gator
Philip Hall as Jimmy Gator
Thomas Jane as Young Jimmy Gator
Holly Houston as Jimmy's Showgirl
Melinda Dillon as Rose Gator
Jeremy Blackman as Stanley Spector
Michael Bowen as Rick Spector
Benjamin Niedens as Little Donnie Smith
William Macy as Quiz Kid Donnie Smith
Veronica Hart as Dentist Nurse #1
Melissa Spell as Dentist Nurse #2
James Kiriyama-Lem as Dr. Lee
Jake Cross as Pedestrian #1
Charlie Scott as Pedestrian #2
Philip Hoffman as Phil Parma
Jason Robards as Earl Partridge
Juan Medrano as Nurse Juan
Julianne Moore as Linda Partridge
John Reilly as Jim Kurring
John Pritchett as Police Captain
Cleo King as Marcie
Don McManus as Dr. Landon
Michael Wiles as Captain Muffy
April Grace as Gwenovier
Jason Andrews as Doc
John Davies as Cameraman
Kevin Breznahan as Geoff/Seminar Guy
Miguel Perez as Avi Solomon
Alfred Molina as Solomon Solomon
David Masuda as Coroner Man
Neil Pepe as Officer #1
Lionel Smith as Detective
Annette Helde as Coroner Woman
Emmanuel Johnson as Dixon
Lynne Lerner as Librarian
Felicity Huffman as Cynthia
Scott Burkett as WDKK Page #1
Bob Brewer as Richard's Dad
Julie Brewer as Richard's Mom
Nancy Marston as Julia's Mom
Maurey Marston as Julia's Dad
Jamala Gaither as WDKK P.A.
Danny Wells as Dick Jennings
Amy Brown as WDKK Page #2
Eileen Ryan as Mary
Meagan Fay as Dr. Diane
Patricia Forte as Mim
Luis Guzman as Luis
Patrick Warren as Todd Geronimo
Orlando Jones as Worm
Virginia Pereira as Pink Dot Girl
Craig Kvinsland as Brad the Bartender
Patricia Scanlon as Cocktail Waitress
Henry Gibson as Thurston Howell
Natalie Marston as Julia
Bobby Brewer as Richard
Clark Gregg as WDKK Floor Director
Ricky Jay as Burt Ramsey
Art Frankel as Old Pharmacist
Matt Gerald as Officer #2
Guillermo Melgarejo as Pink Dot Guy
Paul Tompkins as Chad (Seduce & Destroy)
Mary Rajskub as Janet (Frank's Assistant)
Jim Beaver as Smiling Peanut Patron #1
Ezra Buzzington as Smiling Peanut Patron #2
Denise Woolfork as Smiling Peanut Patron #3
Michael Murphy as Alan Kligman, Esq.
New World Harmonica Trio as Harmonica Players
Bob Downey, Sr. (a prince) as WDKK Show Director
William Mapother as WDKK Director's Assistant
Larry Ballard as WDKK Medic
Brett Higgins as Mackey Disciple Twin #1
Brian Higgins as Mackey Disciple Twin #2
Michael Phillips as Mackey Disciple in Middle
Lillian Adams as Donnie's Old Neighbor
Steven Bush as Paramedic #1
Mike Massa as Paramedic #2
Dale Gibson as Paramedic #3
Scott Smith as ER Doctor
Christina Eliason as Hot date (uncredited)
Phil Hawn as Seminar Attendee 'Bob' (uncredited)
Miriam Margolyes as Faye Barringer (uncredited)
Lynne Oropeza as Bride (uncredited)
Colleen Sturtevant as Gameshow Audience (uncredited)
Tom Tangen as Drunken Dart Player (uncredited)