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Atlantis: The Lost Empire

DISNEY'S 39th ANIMATED CLASSIC Set your course for the adventure of a lifetime as Disney unlocks the mystery of the legendary lost empire of Atlantis in this thrilling, imaginative animated epic! Driven to find the sunken mythical kingdom, a young adventurer named Milo discovers an ancient journal with clues to its hidden location. Along with a skilled yet quirky group of explorers led by the confident Commander Rourke, Milo boards the Ulysses, an amazing state-of-the-art submarine, for a risky expedition to the bottom of the sea. There, they discover a lost continent of supreme technology, mystical power and priceless riches. But when a surprise takeover plot surfaces, Milo's mission switches from finding Atlantis... to saving it. Stunning effects and a heroic story filled with wonder and laughs makes 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire' a voyage worth taking over and over again!
Production Year2001
DVD release2002-03-04
Running Time92 minutes
Aspect Ratio2.35
GenresAnimation, Family
AudioEnglish DD (Dolby Digital) 5.1 Surround
English DTS (Digital Theater Systems) 5.1 Surround
Commentary DD (Dolby Digital) Dolby Surround
Commentary DD (Dolby Digital) Dolby Surround
ActorsCorey Burton as Moliere (voice)
Claudia Christian as Helga (voice)
Michael Fox as Milo (voice)
James Garner as Rourke (voice)
John Mahoney as Preston Whitmore (voice)
Phil Morris as Dr. Sweet (voice)
Leonard Nimoy as Atlantean King (voice)
Don Novello as Vinny (voice)
Jacqueline Obradors as Audrey (voice)
Florence Stanley as Mrs. Packard (voice)
David Stiers as Mr. Harcourt (voice)
Natalie Strom as Young Kida (voice)
Cree Summer as Princess Kida (voice)
Jim Varney as Cookie (voice)
Jim Cummings as Additional Voices (voice)
Patrick Pinney as Additional Voices (voice)
Steve Barr as Additional Voices (voice)