Welcome to my homepage


Here you will find all the games I have written in Java. If you are interested in the source code it is available on the download page.

To run the games you first need to install Java 2 Runtime and then you should be able to click on the links below to run the games.

A tetris clone, it also has a networked multiplayer mode but the server is probably not running on my server. So you will probably just be able to run it in single player mode unless you download the source and run the server on your own machine.

A breakout like game including a level editor.

A game where you are supposed to build pipes which the water can run in before the water reaches the end of the pipe.

A simple boulderdash clone game.

A simple racer game, it includes track editor and also has a networked multiplayer mode. However I probably doesn't run the server part on my web server so if you want to use the multiplayer mode you will have to download the source and run it on your own machine.